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Get Confident Now! |搭建信心之塔!

        Get the 4113. You know that guy in class with the blank look—the one who’s always asking, “Um, what are we supposed to be doing?” Don’t be him. Instead, be the one with the answers. Find out ahead of time whether that essay should be typed, exactly what you’ll need for the camping trip, and which math problems your teacher wants finished by noon. When you’re fuzzy4 on the details or your teacher’s expectations, any moment can turn into a crisis... so stay serene5 and in control by being prepared!
  Show off your style. Ever notice how some clothes just make you feel more like yourself... while others never feel quite right? Maybe you feel shinier when wearing sparkly earrings, or more in charge sporting boots that make a satisfying stomp. Whatever your unique style, wear at least one item each day that makes you feel wonderful.
  Follow through6. The concept is simple: if you commit to something, do it. But sometimes it gets a little tougher than that. What if a friend asks you to do something, but for some reason you don’t think you’ll be able to come through? Be honest with him. Saying no to a friend is never easy, but it’s better than making promises you can’t keep. By the way, following through is even more important if the person you made a promise to is you.
  Develop you talents. Everyone is good at something... what’s your special talent? Maybe it’s fixing things, or designing awesome outfits, or working on puzzles. Make time each week for one of your talents. It’ll be worth it to hear yourself play a song on the guitar or feel the thrill of placing first at a swim meet. And the best part of all is that as you sharpen your skills, your confidence will grow, too.
  Be an optimist. If your best friend says she’ll give you a call after gymnastics7 but then doesn’t, you might:
a) wonder why she’s mad at you.
b) figure she’s probably just exhausted after all those back-handsprings.
  If you picked b, congratulations! You’re an optimist—someone who tends to look on the bright side instead of assuming the worst. Negative thinking can sap8 your confidence by making you doubt everything—your friends, your family, even yourself! If you find your outlook clouding over9, ask yourself if there’s any real evidence that something is wrong. Is there any reason you shouldn’t assume the best? Even if the answer turns out to be yes (and it rarely will!), you’re more likely to solve problems successfully with a positive attitude.
  Plug yourself into a cause. Find your higher purpose: Join forces with a group or organization dedicated to something you believe in. Whether you’re volunteering at an animal shelter, teaching kids to read, or walking to raise money for medical cures, the strength of your beliefs will make you light up with confidence. So will learning new skills and working with new people—all while making a difference you can be proud of!
  Think before you speak. Sometimes it’s hard to resist acting on impulse—it’s almost like trying not to scratch an itch! But letting your gut10  reactions rule you can be like having a three-year-old in your head making your decisions. How to get back in control? Slow down. The next time you feel that powerful urge to say or do something you’re not sure is smart, take a few moments of silence (or slowly count to 10). Then choose your words calmly and carefully.
  Surround yourself with allies. Have you ever had a friend who made you see yourself in a whole new light? Maybe you acted bolder and wittier around him... or maybe he made you feel nervous and unsure. Either way, the people you let into your life are bound to11 influence you—they can sink you with their doubt or lift you up with their support. So hang out with friends who admire you as much as you admire them. Surround yourself with supporters!
  Fake it. Yes, you read that right. No matter how self-assured12 you become, no human being feels confident all the time. We’re bound to face moments—days, even—when we look in the mirror and all we see is a zit13 the size of California. Actually, those are the times when it’s most important to walk tall14 and keep your chin up15. Remind yourself that it’s normal to have some low moods. They’re just moods... and they pass (thank goodness!). So take a deep breath and... Onward!
  When you first start building up your confidence, it might feel like you’re faking it all the time, but that’s only natural. There’s even an expression for it: “Fake it till you make it.” The amazing truth is that acting confident can make you feel confident—and so can the reactions you get from other people. So even if you are faking it at first, you’ll soon inspire yourself to the real thing. One day you’ll wake up and realize that little by little, you’ve developed real self-confidence. You’ve turned into that girl who’s unshakeable and unstoppable. So hey, confident you! How does it feel?!

a) 疑心她在生你的气;
b) 觉得她可能只是做完后手翻后太累了。


1. glide [glaid] v. 滑过
2. building block 积木
3. get the 411=get the information,网络未普及之前,美国人拨打411来获得日常所需要的信息。
4. fuzzy  adj. 模糊的,不清楚的
5. serene  adj. 平静的
6. follow through 坚持到底
7. gymnastics  n. 体操
8. sap  v. 逐渐侵蚀
9. cloud over 变阴,云层密布

10. gut  adj. 本能的
11. be bound to  一定
12. self-assured 有自信的
13. zit [zit] n. 青春痘
14. walk tall 挺直腰杆
15. keep one’s chin up 不气馁