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Accommodations for International |关于留学生的住宿问题

There are two main types of accommodation:
1.accommodation owned, managed and   provided by your institution;
    2.accommodation owned by organizations or private landlords, which you will have to find and arrange either by yourself or with the help from the accommodation office at the institution.

Accommodation provided by your institution
  This might be the most suitable type if you are coming to the UK  for the first time. It will provide you with opportunites to get to know other students and become involved in the social life1 of the institution.

Hall of residence2
  These are usually large buildings occupied3 by many students. Residents live in study bedrooms4, either alone or sharing with another student. Bathrooms and other facilities are usually shared. Telephones are normally provided on each floor, or in each room. Halls of residence sometimes provide breakfast and an evening meal.

Self-catering halls
  This accommodation is similar to halls of  residence, but you can buy and cook your own food in a shared kitchen. Some institutions have a small number of self-catering flats5 for students with families.

  In most cases, accommodation provided by the institution has to be arranged before you come to the UK. When you are offered a place on your course, you will usually be asked if you would like your institution to provide accommodation or to arrange alternative private accommodation for you. Make sure you meet deadlines for booking accommodation6.

Other types of accommodation
  These are normally owned by charitable organizations. Some hostels provide rooms for both single and married students. They usually provide meals or have cooking facilities and allow students to prepare their own food. If you wish to apply for a place in a student hostel, you should do this in advance because many hostels have long waiting lists. Lists of hostel are available from the British Council Office in your home country.

  This means renting a room in a private house. The landlord or landlady will also live in the house, perhaps with their family. You probably have to share the bathroom and kitchen. You will have to fit in with the family's life style and respect their customs. Lodging can provide you with good company and support but you will not be completely independent.

  This is a single room, in which you will have to live and sleep. The building will be divided into several bedsits which will be rented by other people who may not be students.
  Cooking facilities may be in the bedsit or elsewhere in the building, in which case, you will have to share them. You will also have to share bathroom with other people living in the building. You will have to clean your own room. In a bedsit you will be independent and have a lot of freedom, but it may be lonely. Bedsits vary in size and quality so you should never take a room8 without seeing it first.

Flats and houses
  After you have been in the UK for some time and have found a small group of friends, you may wish to share a furnished9 flat or house together. You will share the rent, heating and lighting bills, the food bill and the cleaning. This sort of accommodation is cheaper than other types, but large houses may be  difficult to find.

Temporary accommodation
Hotels and guest houses
  Guest houses are similar to hotels, but instead of having a restaurant, they may have a dining room where you have no choice about the meals served. Living in a hotel for a long period of time will be expensive. But they provide useful temporary accommodation which you can reserve while still in your home country.
  When you are looking for accommodation, first ask the accommodation or welfare office, or the students' union at your institution. They have lists of local accommodation available for rent and they may help to arrange the accommodation for you.


2. 由某些机构或私人房主拥有的住处。这种住处你要么自己寻找并落实,要么在学校住宿办公室的协助下寻找。














1. social life:社交生活
2. halls of residence:学生宿舍
3. occupied:住在里面
4. study bedrooms:(可供学生学习和睡觉的)寝室兼起居室
5. flats:有单独厨房、卫生间和卧室的一套住房
6. deadlines for booking accommodation:预定住房截止日期(你要留意申请手续上注明的时间)
7. hostels:招待所,旅社(一般为青年学生开设)
8. take a room:指租下一个房间
9. furnished flats or houses:已经有家具的现成住房