小学6年级 记叙文阅读指导

School comedy
——Wang Xixi's Diary Novels3

夏天快乐萤火虫呱呱 叶欣灵

  After I came to primary school, I met a very angry female teacher. After asking, she said,"You are so polite, kid, I am angry with a girl named Wang Xixi."
  After I came to primary school, I met a very angry female teacher. After asking, she said, "You are so polite, kid, I am angry with a girl named Wang Xixi."
  I asked her, "West, East, West, North and South?"
  She nodded and stared at me for a long time before saying, "Yes, who are you?"
  I smiled, waved my hand and said happily, "Teacher, your last name is Hu, right? Wang Xixi, my sister, I am Wang Qianqian, with a cursive on the west. "
  Teacher Hu suddenly realized, "Oh, you are Wang Xixi, the monitor of Class 3, and I heard Miss Li talk about you. However, how can a smart and generous girl like you have a sister like Wang Xixi? "
  I comforted Mr. Hu: "Don't be angry, Mr. Hu, what happened?"
  Teacher Hu stamped his feet angrily, put his hand in his trouser pocket, and angrily scolded, "Hey, your sister Wang Xixi, in the math exam, the test paper was copied from Liu Yaoqing, the schoolmaster on her left. What a dishonest child."
  It suddenly dawned on me, no wonder my sister got 100.
  My sister will definitely have no good day at night, because after Mr. Hu finished speaking, she waved to me and said, "Little Qianqian has been chatting for too long, and we are all going to be late. Mr. Hu is leaving first. I'm going to call her mother first without telling your sister. By the way, what's your mother's phone number?"
  I recited the phone fluently.
  "I'm really sorry to trouble you, Cece, but it's getting late. I should go up. Bye."
  I shook my head straight. "Teacher, our classroom is on the fourth floor and yours is on the sixth floor. I can walk with you for a while."
  She thought about it and agreed.
  I asked again, "Teacher, do you know about my sister's study?"
  Teacher Hu wondered, "As a younger sister, don't you know?"
  I shook my head. "My sister didn't even report my mother's death."
  Teacher Hu lamented, "Alas, this student is more naughty than a boy. Once, when she wanted to play truant, I asked her,' Where are you going, Mr. Wang Xixi?' She casually said,' Go climb trees and play.' I shouted,' I'll let your parents wait on it.' She cried,' You said last time that you wanted your mother's law to serve me, do you know? My mother didn't even dare to touch my ass. " The whole class burst into laughter. "
  Teacher Hu asked me, "Does your mother really do this to her?"
  I shook my head: "Wang Xixi has a good face. She didn't dare admit it even after being killed, let alone just family law?"
  I was going to ask Mr. Hu, but I ended up on the fourth floor, so we had to "goodbye".
Hehe, there's a good show again in the evening. It is estimated that my mother will nag and repeat: "You, Wang Xixi, can avoid death crimes, but can't escape living crimes."
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