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2004-12-7 10:15:45

I recall that your birthday is just around the corner. I’d like to offer my heartiest congratulations to you and best wishes for many happy returns of your birthday.

Best wishes for a happy birthday.

Happy birthday, my dear friend. Wish you all the joy a day can hold, all the luck a year can bring and all the happiness in life.

Happy birthday. I hope today treats you well.

Each birthday is a milestone we touch along life’s way. May your birthday be happy in more ways than one.

Wishing you a happy birthday! May the best and loving things be some of the joy your birthday brings.

Warm wishes on your birthday. I send along my love and affection for you as well as a small gift. Take care!

Happy birthday. May gladness fill your every hour on this special day.

Affectionate birthday greetings. Birthday means a new beginning and a new chance to take hold on life.
在你生日之际,向你致以亲切的祝贺。生日意味着一个新的开端,意味着重新把 握生活的机会。

We all are wishing especially for you the nicest birthday.May all the beautiful things in life will come to you.

It’s time to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday to an attractive and intellectual girl.

Many happy returns of this special day. All our best wishes go to you on your birthday.

We hope that you enjoy this special day and your birthday grows happier by the minute!

I want to tell you on this special day that I’m very glad, time hasn’t changed our friendship any. Hoping your birthday is great.
在这特殊的日子里,我想说我真高兴,时光没有改变我们的友谊,祝你生日其乐 无穷。

The kindest friend there could ever be is the kind of friend you are to me. Here’s a wish for happiness and joys that never end, and all life’s best things always for the nicest kind of friend! Best wishes for a happy birthday.

Hope your birthday begins a new year with special happiness and all that means the most to you.

Wishing you a birthday that is among your very best. I hope that all the years ahead will be as happy as you have been in the past.

Congratulations on your birthday. May the coming year be filled with happiness and success.

May every special happiness fill this day for you and may the year bring all the best things you are looking forward to.

Please accept my small gift for your birthday.It is a tiny token of thoughts and friendship. A very, very happy birthday!

Congratulations and warmest wishes for your birthday and every day.

Allow me to congratulate you on your birthday and may you enjoy good health and long life.

Time flies. Today comes your birthday. The best of all good things for this special day and all the many more to come. Many happy returns!
时光飞逝,今天又是你的生日,愿今天你拥有一切美丽,来年生日更美好,一年 更胜一年。生日快乐!

May you keep in good health and good spirit both on your birthday and all through the year. Hope your birthday is happy and your wishes all come true.

Permit me to congratulate you on reaching another of these anniversary landmarks today. May each day be as happy as your birthday. Have a wonderful birthday!
祝贺你抵达了生命的又一个里程碑,愿你每天都像过生日一样充满喜悦。祝你生 日无比快乐!

May your birthday be a celebration of the life. Wish you all happiness, health and prosperity with many returns of the day.

I hasten to congratulate you on the coming of your birthday. May gladness fill your every hour with joy to light your way.

Wish you a whole world of happiness now that your birthday is here.May your memories today be warm ones.May your dreams today be dear. May your joy last through the year.
愿你的生日充满无穷的快乐,愿你今天的回忆温馨, 愿你今天的梦想甜美,愿你 这一年称心如意!

I want to be one of the first who say “Happy birthday to you”. May everything it take to make a very happy and successful year!

My birthday wishes to you are the warmest. May all the plans you are making work out just right for you and may life always bring the best things your way.

I sincerely feel a grateful interest in each return of this happy anniversary. Send you a birthday card and the accompanying gift is a token of my best wishes for your success and happiness.
每到你的生日,我都十分快乐。送上一张生日卡和一件礼物,略表心意 。祝事业成功、生活幸福!

A gift of love for your birthday, which is a warm wish from my heart. Happiness for your birthday and always.

It is not everyday you have a birthday, so hope you have a wonderful one. May it be followed by days and weeks and months and years of happiness for you!

Birthday comes and birthday goes each year, and this leaves the happy memories for ever.May this special day brightens each hour like sunshine that cheers every flower.
年年生日来而复去,留下永久的快乐回忆。愿今天的每时每刻都充满明媚,似阳 光普照鲜花绽放!

Here comes today with special pride in all the achievements you have made. May your dearest wishes through all the years in store come true, and make you happier than you have ever been before.

Looking back across the years, we come to realize that it takes many birthdays to make us kind and wise. Growing older only means the spirit grows serene. Happy birthday!
回首以往,我们渐渐认识到,是这些众多的生日使我们宽厚仁爱,更增智慧,年 龄的增长使心境愈趋宁静。祝生日快乐!

May your life brighter as each birthday comes and goes. The nicest kind of birthday that could be wishes for you.

May your birthday bring lots of joy in the year you have begun. Accept my wishes for many happy returns on your birthday.

May each hour be happy one on this special day. May the day ahead be more than happy, too, as all your dreams and plans work out just right for you.

You make this world a nicer place just by being so kindhearted.May this day that is all your own hold happiness for you and the years to come be filled with all the best things, too.

Have a great day, for today is your birthday and a wonderful event. Wish you happiness unfolding like the petal of a rose.

My greetings come with affection for the nicest kind of birthday that could be wished for you. When this day comes to an end and you lie down to rest, may the peace of a golden dream be filled with happiness.

Alittle birthday wish just to let know how much I care about you. May you seek all the best that the world has to give. May you never stop learning for as long as you live.

Be happy, be cheerful. It’s time to celebrate. My friend was born today. Hope your course is charted for lots of luck all the year through.
祝你幸福,愿你快乐,庆祝今天你来到这个世上。在生命航程新的一年中,愿幸 运时时与你相伴!

My heartiest birthday greetings to you, a feeling much warmer than anybody can know. Best wishes for everything your heart desire in the year.

Let me join all your other friends in wishing you a happy birthday. Today specially belongs to you. Take this chance to enjoy yourself in everything you do.

My special wish may bring you health, luck and happiness each minute! Hope it really proves to be the nicest birthday you have spent.
给你我特别的祝福,愿它每分每秒都带给你健康、好运和幸福。希望这是你度过 的最美好的生日!

Warmest wishes that your birthday holds nothing but the best. The finest things in life today and every day!

May you enjoy to the fullest the joy of today.Wishing that your special day be a winner all the way!

Allow me to congratulate you with all my best wishes upon your having reached your sixtieth birthday. May you live a long, healthy and joyful life.

In honour of your moving out of the twenties, we are giving you a marvelous birthday party.

A wish for your wonderful birthday that brings a world of bright and lovely things to remember each day through the year.

Gently extend you my blessings, / the few words with deep affection / are contained in this little card / Wish the heart felt blessing / accompanying you forever / Happy birthday to you!
轻轻捎给你我的祝福 / 小小言语,浓浓情谊 / 都在这一份真挚的心意 / 永远伴随着你 / 我祝你生日快乐

With time flying day after day, / my thought of you is changeless / No matter how varable the world is, / you are always my good friend / Happy birthday to you!
日子一天天地流逝 / 想念的心情却不改变 / 不论世事如何变迁 / 你永远是我的好朋友 / 祝你生日快乐